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No Keno in New Hampshire

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 1.53.15 PM
Just having a little fun at the expense of twin antiquarians Leigh and Leslie Keno, who I interviewed once for a story about a local auction in NH.

*New Hampshire legislators killed a bill that would have allowed Keno in local establishments that serve alcohol. This has nothing at all to do with the Keno twins, Leigh and Leslie – known for their high-end auction item expertise –  or whether they will be allowed to drink in New Hampshire.

It is about the game of Keno, a lottery style casino game, and the push for a bill to bring it to NH, co-sponsored by Keith and Kelleigh Murphy, co-owners of Murphy’s Taproom here in Manchester – where alcohol is definitely served, and Liberty lovers have been known to raise a glass to such crowd pleasers as Ron Paul and Open Carry nights.

No word as to whether the Keno twins have actually ever tried to get served at local bars when in New Hampshire on the hunt for Granite State related “Buried Treasure.”

Anyway, every now and again I get such a strong visual from word play that I can’t resist, so I created the above meme, just for fun. Oh, and you can read the text of NH HB 485 here.

*Subtext: OMG – NH Senate Killed Keno! (for the South Park Fans)